20 mix packs of table extra virgin olive oil and vinegar and corner exhibitor with mix packages and single bottles of olive oil and vinegar

Try out now CONCEPT CORNER no one better than you can judge the quality of the Products OLIO&ACETO!!!

It is a complex proposal focused on those who want a comprehensive overview of the Italian oil production and a significant variety of vinegar to be used in cooking or to be proposed for sale to restaurants or in stores.
The extra virgin olive oil comes in 15 different types (two bottles per type) representing ten regions of Italy, from Liguria to Sardinia, passing through Tuscany and Sicily, all the most representative regions of extra virgin olive oil.
Each is also equipped with a data sheet that lists the main characteristics such as origin, type of olives used (cultivar), the extraction system and best food combination.
With this variety of oils we can refine the food matching in a very sophisticated way, in addition we can meet refined customer’s demands.
Even for the vinegars we have a variety for every palate. White wine vinegar and red wine sensitive or intense according to their degree of acidity; apple vinegar, a concentration of minerals, regarding the balsamic vinegar of Modena we start from a three-year old, then we go to a five years old and we end with a "traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena" aged for 12 years.
The use of different balsamic vinegar depends on the food that you want to cook. A young balsamic vinegar is generally better to season raw vegetables, salads and pinzimonio, an aged balsamic vinegar instead is used to enrich important dishes such as appetizers, roasts, grills, to finish can become a topping on fruit and strawberry ice cream.
Even in this solution there is a display panel to represent the products individually or in combination, with descriptions and possible recipes for their use.

Packaging mix oil and vinegar