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OIL & VINEGAR is an initiative targeted on people who seek seasoning quality, the idea was born to evaluate two traditional Italian Gastronomy’s products:
extra virgin olive oil and vinegar.

Italian cooking is among the most appreciated at an international level through a variety of materials that are hardly found in other countries.
If for some of them the primacy of quality is questionable, it is not like this for the most important seasonings that you can find in our kitchen. There is no doubt that the oil and vinegar products in Italy are the best in the world. The question however is whether we think of how many of them manage to get to the tables of our restaurants or inside our homes.

The mass distribution does not help us because it sells products that we can rarely define "extra virgin" olive oil and vinegar established of an established quality.

We wish to bring to your attention some products we found after a long and careful research, which were selected and evaluated in collaboration with a sensory analysis laboratory in order to achieve a useful tool to enrich your kitchen and at the same time to create a starting point for new dishes and recipes.

It therefore seems natural to propose ourselves as consultants and advisors to achieve a perfect map of oils and vinegars that can match the flow of your menu.